Kerri Cassidy - Executive Officer

Photograph of Executive Officer Kerri Cassidy. She is smiling at the camera, on a slight angle, wearing her hair in a short, light-brown bob.

Spends most of the day: Thinking, dreaming and getting stuff done

Has worked as: Disability Advocate, Mum, Consumer Rep, Financial Consultant

Study: Ba of Social Science (Psychology) with an interest in Sociology, Accounting & Finance in a distant life, long, long ago

Awards: National Disability Award for Excellence in Justice & Rights Protection 2016, Golden Key Member

Likes: When synergy happens – shazam!, my beautiful and humorous family, Elsie the dog, and secretly, numbers still give her joy

Dislikes: Silverbeet, Multiple Sclerosis and when people are basically inconsiderate humans

In her spare time: tries to be a foodie, converses with chickens, turns dirt and plants things whilst listening to Indie Folk

Julie McNally - Advocate and Team Leader

Spends most of the day: Trying not to talk too much or too loudly. And trying not to think about what’s for dinner

Has worked as: Aged Care Assessment Officer, Volunteer Co-ordinator, Family Support Worker, Disability Case Manager, Mental Health Case Manager, Metro Access Officer and Executive Officer

Study: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Work, Masters of Art Therapy

Awards: Recognition of 500 hours of voluntary service from the City of Glen Eira

Likes: Dogs, gardening, cheese and wine

Dislikes: Getting up early

In her spare time: Swims, potters in the garden or makes terrariums

Kim Collinson - Advocate

Photograph of Advocate Kim Collinson, a woman with wavy, blonder, shoulder-length hair and blue eyes smiling at the camera. She is wearing thin framed glasses and a pink jumper.

Spends most of the day: On the phone getting better outcomes for people with disabilities

Has worked as: Access and Inclusion Officer, Community Support Worker, Administration Officer

Study: Dip Comm Services, Bachelor of Social Work

Likes: Science fiction, ice cream, coffee, spending time outdoors

Dislikes: Cabbage, rats, The Bachelor

In her spare time: Spends as much time as possible near the ocean and going “off roading” in wheelchair with mixed results

You’d be surprised to learn: Kim has a slightly strange obsession with brightly coloured socks and has upwards of 30 pairs at last count

Katrina Newman - Advocate

Spends most of the day: Working to make her dreams come true

Has worked as: An advocate, Cook, Restaurant Manager, and Youth Hostel Manager

Likes: Dogs, people, baking cakes and eating them, jam and cream on toast when scones are not available, Chocolate in moderation. Sauvignon Blanc, Champagne, and Shiraz in no particular order

Dislikes: Fishy things and bananas

In her spare time: You’ll find Katrina far flung adventures travelling the world, swimming and kayaking

Ally Scott - Head of Campaigns

Spends most of her day: Fantasising about how we can all make the world a better place and trying not to sneeze too loudly

Has worked as: An art gallery tour guide, documentary producer/director and social entrepreneur

Study: BA Hons History and Film

Likes: The magical moments of human connection, sunshine, coffee, op shops, great big trees and being in water

Dislikes: Waste, unkindness, and being cold.

In her spare time: Cooks, watches films, ferries children and gets pulled up hill and down dale by a very naughty dog

Sinead Mooney

Spends most of the day: Completing various administrative tasks for the head office

Has worked as: An Administration Officer, a fundraising officer, a sports coach and a board executive

Study: BA (Sociology & Legal Studies) and Master of International Relations

Likes: Travelling, AFL, and cheesecake

Dislikes: Olives, spiders, and Home & Away

In her spare time: Plays sports, goes on cultural and foodie tours, and to comedy shows

You’d be surprised to learn: Sinead is a second generation Australian, both her parents and entire family were born and reside in Ireland

Anja Homburg - Communications Officer

A photo of Communications and Promotions Officer Anja Homburg. A woman with dark brown hair worn up with a straight fringe. She is looking at the camera and smiling with a closed mouth.

Spends most of the day: Reading and writing about disability in Australia

Has worked as: A grant and bid writer, a philanthropy officer and a drama teacher

Study: BFA(Drama)

Likes: Dogs, ice cream and Star Trek

Dislikes: Capsicum, algebra and Star Wars

In her spare time: Directs feminist theatre and enjoys “off duty time” with her Assistance Dog, Kyla

You’d be surprised to learn: Anja has lived in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Unites States as well as Australia

Kyla - Morale Booster

A photograph of Kyla, a three year-old black labrador poodle cross. She is sitting and looking just past the camera. A blurry outline of a woman and the dogs lead can be seen in the background.

Spends most of the day: Under her human’s desk, sniffing for physiological shifts

Has worked as: An Assistance Dog and cuddle bug

Study: Puppy pre school, assistance dog training

Likes: Food, balls and beaches

Dislikes: Possums, baths and the cone of shame

In her spare time: Sniffs for snacks in the yard and destroys fluffy toys

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