systemic advocacy

what is it?

Systemic Advocacy involves presenting the needs and views of people with a disability to government, service providers and the broader community.

accessible public transport

We asked people with a disability about their experiences using Public Transport like trains, trams, buses and taxis. Everyone’s responses will be made into a report to tell the Victorian government how public transport can be made better for people with a disability. We will also let the broader community know about these experiences to help create a more inclusive community.

Download the report:

Transport Report (PDF 2.3MB)

Transport Report (Word Text Format 248KB)

accessible pathways to disability support pension

In July 2018 we started a project about the Disability Support Pension (DSP). This project seeks to provide accessible and timely pathways for people with a disability and their families to obtain information and trained advocacy support to make Disability Support Pension applications and appeals. This means that if you cannot work because of a disability, you can get help to find out whether you are eligible for income support and how to apply.

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