Welcome to Belong

Belong is a free network led by and for people with disabilities in Victoria. Whatever your culture, gender identity, age or disability, you are welcome here.

We come together online, both in groups and for one-to-one meetings, to build connections, share experiences and support one another through all our ups and downs.

We also offer technical support when needed and engage in systemic advocacy and community building.

Would you like to feel better connected to the disability community?

Here is how one of our current members describes the network:

“Finding a community who understands your journey with disability or chronic Illness can be hard, but here it is, just waiting for you to join in.

Speaking with people who share your lived experience lightens your mental load, and for an hour or two a week you get to be with your community. You learn how to listen meaningfully, and you are listened to and validated. It’s a safe space that is very hard to come by in our go, go, go world.” 

For many Victorians with disabilities the last few years have been really tough. The stress of dealing with the NDIS, the rationalisation of the mental health sector and the age-old battles of stereotyping, discrimination and stigma have been compounded by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, including fear of the virus and the complexities of vaccination.

One thing is clear –  wrestling with systemic barriers, NDIS, Centrelink or trying to find any other form of support that you need is particularly hard when you do it alone. Feeling connected to a community of people that share your experiences can be really powerful.



Joining Belong

When first joining the network you will be invited to attend an online induction workshop. Here we talk about how we meet and how we ensure that the network is safe and accessible for everyone.

Members can then attend online meetings weekly or fortnightly, depending on your availability. You can also seek out others for one-to-one meetings and connect by text if you choose.

Considering Joining the Network?

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Our next intake of members will be starting in the last week of March. We can schedule a call anytime before that to discuss the program in more detail and respond to any questions you may have.