committee of management

  • Frank Hall-Bentick AM
    Frank Hall-Bentick AM Chairperson
  • Martin Lecky
    Martin Lecky Vice Chairperson
  • Pradeep Hewavitharana
    Pradeep Hewavitharana Treasurer
  • Vicki Alipasinopoulos
    Vicki Alipasinopoulos Secretary
  • Martin Grillo
    Martin Grillo General Member
  • Mary Henley-Collopy
    Mary Henley-Collopy General Member
  • Anna Leydon
    Anna Leydon General Member
  • Effie Meehan
    Effie Meehan General Member
  • Mary Rispoli
    Mary Rispoli General Member
  • Emilio Savle
    Emilio Savle General Member

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