Victorians with disabilities have been asking for accessible public transport for over 40 years. Much of our state’s public transport system is still inaccessible.

Our current focus is the inaccessible stops along Sydney Road.

At present there are no accessible tram stops for a 5.5 kilometre stretch along Sydney Rd between Brunswick Rod ad Bakers Road. In two years time the Upfield train line will be closed both to remove the Brunswick Level Crossing and build the Sky Rail.  During the 18 months or so that this work will take to be completed there will be no accessible transport AT ALL for many people in the community. This includes people with disabilities, mothers with prams and older people. 

We are calling for the government to build accessible tram stops along Sydney Road before commencing that work.

There will be a meeting about this in April 2024, please sign up to join the Transport for All campaign if you would like to be kept informed.

DRC works with a coalition of Victorian organisations and individuals who have come together to campaign for a Public Transport system that is reliably and independently accessible to everyone, everywhere, across our state.

As we continue to emerge from the impacts of COVID-19 it is imperative that all members of the community can reconnect with family, friends and community. The need for reliable, safe, affordable, integrated and accessible public transport has never been greater.

Yet right now much of our transport system cannot be used by so many in our community – people with disabilities, those who need a seat, families pushing prams and many of our elders.

If you believe public transport should be for everyone please stand with us!