Victorians with disabilities have been asking for accessible public transport for over 40 years. Most of our state’s public transport system is still inaccessible.

Public transport is an important means of travel for millions of Victorians. For someit’s the only option for getting around independently. As long as our transport system fails to meet accessibility standards, Victorians with disabilities will continue to find it hard to take part in work, education and social life.  

The 2002 Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport state that all tram stops should be fully compliant by 31 December 2022. There is no way the government can meet this deadline. Our leaders continue to make excuses for why they’re so behind. The real reason is simple: it just has not been priority. We have waited long enough. 

We are bringing Victorians with and without disabilities together to demand that our government take urgent action on inaccessible public transport. And for us to succeed we need you 

Get On Track – Melbourne’s Tram Network

Only 15% of Melbourne’s tram network is disability accessible

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 requires all tram stops to be fully accessible by 2022, and all trams to be the same by 2032. With 85% of the network still inaccessible, how do you think we’re doing? 

Trams are an iconic part of Melbourne life and a symbol of our world-class city. Sadly they also represent decades of governmental neglect of people with disabilities. From older trams with steps, to platforms that don’t align with low-floor trams, to faulty stop announcement systems and inadequate priority seating – people with disabilities have been drawing attention to these issues since the 1980s. Real action hasn’t been taken 

It’s past time for the Victorian Government to GET ON TRACK when it comes to our tram network. Help us keep them accountable.

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