Anja, Melbourne

 In #LifelongLockdown

I’m lucky to have an #AssistanceDog like Kyla, and I’m lucky to live in Melbourne where there’s lots of public transport since I don’t drive. Still, some days peoples’ limited understanding of #disabilityand its diversity means I face conflict trying to get around with Kyla. Some days it’s just too tough to face, so I stay home even though #IHavePlacesToGo. I know people with all sorts of disabilities feel the same. Melissa Horne MP, it’s time to end #LifelongLockdown for #PWDs. Let’s make accessible public transport an urgent priority. Luke Donnellan MP Jacinta Allan

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Woman sits behind a window with trees reflected on it. She holds a #LifelongLockdown sign and a wheelchair and bejewelled are behind her.Woman with short blonde hair holding a frame made out of sticks