Vicki, Warrnambool

 In #LifelongLockdown

Over the last few weeks, the COVID-19 lockdown has given us a shared experience of physical and social isolation. Many people have struggled.

For many people with disabilities this lockdown is normal life.

Inaccessible public transport means that many people with disabilities are living #LifelongLockdown

@Melissaforwilliamstown, as COVID lockdown subsides, I am asking you to end #LifelongLockdown for Victorians with disabilities by making a fully accessible public transport system an urgent priority. #WeHavePlacesToGo@luke.donnellan @JacintaAllanMP

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Woman with short blonde hair holding a frame made out of sticksWoman with short blond hair holds a #LifelongLockdown sign on her front door