Margaret, Melbourne

 In #LifelongLockdown

My greatest frustration is transport that is accessible only in theory. I am lucky enough to live on an accessible tram route – 109 – but it is frequently made not accessible by the way it is operated. First it can be extremely crowded. I am lucky to get on at the beginning of the route but getting off can be very dangerous and stressful and the drivers offer no assistance. Secondly, the company runs many trams which are not accessible on the route. Thirdly they use the accessible platform at BeaconĀ  Cove as a parking bay for spare trams, blocking access for anyone on wheels. I have complained many times about this but there has been no change in operations. Some trips are OK but others leave me feeling I can never face it again. This effectively cuts me off from the whole public transport network which otherwise would be a wonderful freedom.

Melissa Horne MP , as COVID lockdown subsides, I am asking you to end #LifelongLockdown for Victorians with disabilities by making a fully accessible public transport system an urgent priority. #WeHavePlacesToGo
Luke Donnellan MP Jacinta Allan Disability Resources Centre

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